Overnight Reboots

By Charvell ·
I have a user who is running a local application (allows his Blackberry to receive emails since we don't have a company wide Blackberry server) so his machine needs to stay on all night. Every morning when he comes in he believes his system has rebooted, because he has to log in and any programs he left open are closed. I checked his power settings and made sure the system was set to never go into standby or hibernation. Any other suggestions?

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Have you ascertained for certain ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Overnight Reboots

That it does reboot?

Check the Event Viewer for Application and System shutdowns.

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Nothing definitive

by Charvell In reply to Have you ascertained for ...

The event logs are lacking a definite answer, mostly because there is no scheduled task to reboot the machine. After examining the application logs, and knowing how our particular network software (Desktop Authority) behaves when a machine is started up, I believe the machine is either rebooting or going into hibernation sometime after 9pm every night, but I can't figure out why. I triple checked the power settings and it is configured to never go to sleep, standy, or hybernate.

One additional piece of information in speaking with the user is that this is a recent development that has only started in the last 2 weeks.

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Overnight Reboots

by Quaint_Data In reply to Overnight Reboots

Possibly windows updates could cause a reboot if it is running? These days most updates require a reboot to install and that is just about everyday.
AV running and up dating.

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by Charvell In reply to Overnight Reboots

Our windows updates are set to automatically download and install but I doubt that is the issue because I have my machine set the same as far as automatic updates and last night, for testing purposes, I left my machine on all night and it did not reboot, where as he is still experiencing his issue.

I will check the Event Logs and see what is actually occuring.

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Logging In

by cypher.msix In reply to Overnight Reboots

When this user comes back to work in the morning, he or she is faced with a prompt that looks like the Login screen... but is it?

Or did Windows just 'Lock' the session? ;-) What OS is the user's system running?

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Other Users?

by cypher.msix In reply to Overnight Reboots

Does this happen to any other users? Or just this one person?

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Log in

by Charvell In reply to Other Users?

The user does lock his session before he leaves, but what indicates the system is rebooting is he has to restart programs that were running when he left.

System is running Windows XP.

No other users have complained of this issue, but to my knowledge this is the only user that actually has a need to leave there machine on 24/7

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This exact thing happened to me.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Overnight Reboots

Unfortunately, after hours and hours of trouble shooting and research. I was never able to figure it out... So I blew it away.

Looking back the one thing I didn't check was gpedit.exe... I checked the standby, hibernate, services, scanned for viruses (two different scanners AVG and Norton), ran Spybot S&D, and chkdsk. I also did a system restore which didnt do a single thing...

If you figure it out, post up. Im interested in the outcome.

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Make sure that the user

by cmiller5400 In reply to Overnight Reboots

Make sure that the user is allowed to be logged in 24x7. If the machine is set to kick them out when their "allowed" period expires, you get what you are seeing.

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by Charvell In reply to Make sure that the user

How would I check this?

My guess is that they should have permission based on the fact that this only started happening 2 weeks ago and there hasn't been any changes to the user's active directory profile.

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