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Override password for school (wont let me access certain websites)

By haleyxnicole ·
I need to override the password for school. they have blocked certain websites like ebay, myspace or anything with auctions, message boards.. The site you requested is blocked under the Global Block List. thats what i get when i try to access myspace.

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Well this will require a great deal of effort on your part

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Override password for sch ...

You'll need to learn IT and Network administration. Possibly a bit of database and coding and business knowledge will be help.

Once you've done that.

Apply for a job as the school network administrator.

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Good Advise Tony

by CG IT In reply to Well this will require a ...

great suggestion.

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The amount of similar crap we are getting through

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well this will require a ...

here is starting to make think someone has done a redirect, for one of the well known hacker forums.

I'm getting really tired of these eejits.

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Tony things like this pass as Technical Questions since the revamp

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The amount of similar cra ...

Or you can always try answering something like the following.

My Computer will not work HELP!

That was the sum total of the question so it was really easy to answer.


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As a heads up

by Maevinn In reply to Override password for sch ...

No one is going to help you violate the security restrictions put in place by your school. Those websites are blocked for a reason, and as professionals, it's our job to support them, not tell you a work around.

Maybe you should do some research into WHY those sites are blocked instead of griping about it.

Oh, and FWIW--no, you don't NEED to override squat. You WANT to, but that's something completely different.

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by haleyxnicole In reply to As a heads up

hmm.. sounds like you got a stick up your ***... i was actually trying to ovveride google so i could do a research paper so before you start b*tching to a high school student think before you speak. Thanks for you help. P.S. Lightin up

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Grow up.

by Maevinn In reply to Problems?

Somehow I doubt what 'research' you might be doing at ebay or myspace. Any VALID need can be identified to the school administrator and handled legally.

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Do you think someone is more or less likely to help you

by JamesRL In reply to Problems?

....If you start swearing?

And you mentioned myspace and ebay in your first post and not google and research. Nice try.


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Problems?

Go take a class in manners. Cussing and all the antics will only earn you a demerit on this board.

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by Maevinn In reply to Problems?

Did you think I was being rude to you? Here's some truth--you are behaving like a child, and proving that restrictions such as your school has in place are necessary. Language and nastiness are unwarranted responses to a polite, if blunt, post. It doesn't hurt my feelings, it doesn't change my response, it just changes how you will be seen here. So rant and rave some more...Maybe you'll come up with something creative enough to be amusing.

I shan't hold my breath, though.

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