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Overworked- how do I get another tech?

By abraxas21 ·
I'm rapidly burning out in my support/acquisition/maintenance/grunt work position. How do I show management I need an additional tech to carry the load?

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Good Luck

by tjc In reply to Overworked- how do I get ...

Other than quiting, my only suggestion would be to start complaining (very softly since you don't want fired- unless your in a union to help keep you there )that things can't get done in a 40 hour week.

Management is very hard to convince if they are money strapped that new people should be brought in. But if you slowly make them understand that what they want can't have by just you then they may hire some one.

Case in point I worked in a part time position for 7 years, with them promising me full time any quater now. When I finally got up the nerve to quit and find another job, guess what, they hired two (2) full time people to do what I as a one part time person was doing.

Makes me sad to think I had to leave for them to finally do what was needed for the company, but that's the way things go.

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All too common....

by admin In reply to Good Luck

Unfortunately, if you are really good, it's usually after you leave that you are really fully valued. Maybe that's why people keep moving jobs these days -it's usually another business that values you fully (well, at least until you've been there a while and are taken for granted again.)

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Grumbles & Grudges

by blossomsmile In reply to Good Luck

Management always stands at cross roads when you pin point your Probs and proposals. When one can do the job, why have the other? They would prefer Jack of all trades and yeah, if you have the complaints, its grumbles and then the grudges. So, stay cool to have add ons as you adopt a strategy "Do Best you can" and be sweet and soft with witty remarks. If you are in good books, you end up being backed up. Management is hard to understand but you got to slowly convince coz they too need to be Savvy in some fields.

I have seen many people grumble and then the grudges makes things worse and its there, they fail inspite of being a success.

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This is so hard in to do in IT,

by admin In reply to Overworked- how do I get ...

but you need to set boundries and tell them you are burning out. If some things don't get done you have to accept that this is the way it is, and that you are being reasonable watching out for your own health and sanity. If you really are, and your company wants to keep you, then they will hire someone if they need more to be done.
Again, this is really hard, and some companies will let you go rather than work with you on this. I guess you first have to decide if you really would want to work at a place that treats you that way anyway.

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Document, document, document.....

by TimMitchell In reply to Overworked- how do I get ...

We're facing the same issue. I work for a school district, and we have one technician and one net admin supporting 3000+ PCs, 40 servers and 5000+ users, all spread across 12 physical locations. In addition, we are somehow held responsible for anything that uses electricity (copiers, TVs, sound systems, coffee makers). We're overworked; we start early, work late, and eat lunch at our desks (or in between campus visits). We have pleaded to the school board and to the HR office, to no avail.However, we've started a new campaign: we're documenting everything we do. I mean EVERYTHING. Password reset? Documented. Change printer driver? Documented. Stop to answer a question that someone asks about her cousin's personal PC? Documented. Even we have been suprised at how quickly the list grows; when we go to the Board in December to ask for a budget adjustment, we'll have the records for these last three months that will reflect the true scope of our jobs. Armed with this information, I don't think we'll have any trouble convincing them of our need.

Hope this helps!

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Documentation & numbers....

by MHubbard In reply to Document, document, docum ...

I would agree with TheGovernor, documentation is the first place to start. I suppose you don't have a formal tool to keep track of your help desk calls/tickets. If you don't, I'd probably start with an excel spreadsheet (unless you can create a quick database in access).

Once you have documented exactly how much work you are doing each month, you can use industry research to help justify another person or two. I have two particular documents in mind. One is PC Support Staffing Levels from Gartner, and the other is Service-Level Management from the Meta Group. You can try to download them from their respective sites, or email me and I will forward them to you (anyone else can email me as well).

Even with the research, numbers and documentation to support you, it all boils down to money. They control it and you don't. We're all in the same shoes. Justifying headcount seems to be an ongoing process that pisses me off everytime I go thru it.

Good luck and drop me a lineif you'd like those docs.

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Who is the manager

by ManISKid In reply to Documentation & numbers.. ...

Managers often want to feel like they make the best decisions. Find out what the manager did before he/she was a manager eg. accounting, hr, production etc and then find some stats, arguments that target these areas. Eg an accountant manager would be worried about the costs, ROI, repayments, etc. While a production manager may be more interested in adding to the effectiveness of the bottom line.

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Where do you work?

by XpertDragon In reply to Overworked- how do I get ...

Where are you located? I am a current Tech. I will give you a Hand.


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