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    OWA 2003 Constantly prompts for user/password one 2 new laptops


    by robert.anderson ·

    Okay, I am running Exchange 2003 without a frontend server.

    I recieved two brand new laptops from dell a few weeks apart.

    Both are running Windows XP Pro.

    One has all the updates including sp3 and IE7.
    One is fresh from the box and is runnng sp2 and ie6.

    I can connect to exchange through outlook without a problem.

    When connecting to OWA, no matter what user and password I use, it constantly prompts for user name and password, not just when you open an attachment, but constantly. Sometimes you can get far enough in to see your folders and email, but you constantly have to keep clicking okay for username and password.

    I have tried everything except for reburning the two new PC’s. The only toolbar running is google. I have tried it without the google toolbar with the same results.

    It has to be some odd setting or something in the Windows burn on these new laptops. (I have set up approx. 50 to 100 Dell laptops previous to these two without a problem.)

    I can log in without a problem using any other computer and the same credientials…

    Date, Time, and Time zone are all correct.

    I have no idea where else to look?

    Any ideas?


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      by robert.anderson ·

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      by mpace ·

      In reply to OWA 2003 Constantly prompts for user/password one 2 new laptops

      Do you have something that is possibly blocking cookies?

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        Cookies Allowed

        by robert.anderson ·

        In reply to Cookies?

        I have tried allowing all cookies with the lowest security setting and same result. I have tried restoring all default settings in both IE6 and IE7 on the two machines and same result. I disabled the firewall on both machines same result.

        I am at a loss on this one.

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          Take a look at

          by mpace ·

          In reply to Cookies Allowed

          I would suggest resetting the virtual folders to begin with.

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          virtual Directories

          by robert.anderson ·

          In reply to Take a look at

          I may have to do that, but I want to use that as a last resort.

          The only place I am having an issue is on the two new laptops from Dell. We have 30 or 40 other laptops out in the field and they are all working normally. I can take the same credentials to any other pc or laptop and they work great. The probelm resides somewhere on these two new laptops. I’m just not sure what that problem is.

          Thanks though. I may have to try that if we can’t come up with anythign else.

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