OWA 2007 Shared Calendar Access Cannot Send Invitation for Meeting Request

By infostuff ·
I'm having an issues with OWA 2007. We use Exchange Server 2007, Outlook 2007, OWA 2007, however I don't know what

I have a CFO and an Assistant to the CFO and this used to work fine in Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003/OWA 2003 and now it seems a bit broken.

Assistant User has Delegate rights to CFO user's calendar ONLY - not the mailbox, not the inbox - no other rights is allowed for the assistant except for the calendar and they can do anything they want in there. This access was given so the Assistant can create and send meeting requests to people in the company on behalf of the CFO.

ISSUE: In OWA I can have the assistant type in the URL similar to this with our company settings in the appropriate places//servername/owa/">https://servername/owa/ get to the CFO's calendar. They create a meeting request and choose attendees, BUT for some reason it is not allowing them to SEND the invite. After filling out the meeting request form and selecting the attendees, when they click on "Send" it gives the following error:

You do not have sufficient permissions to complete this action. To obtain the required permissions, contact the owner of this mailbox or technical support for your organization.

The Assistant cannot delete any meeting requests either on the CFO's calendar - one's they have made or the cfo has made. However,
all calendar functions work fine from within Outlook for the assistant on the CFO's calendar - they can delete appointments, create, send invitations, everything - just not within OWA.

We also thought maybe giving the assistant "Owner" rights via the permissions tab on the calendar properties would help and we still couldn't delete meeting requests or send invites.

We even thought that maybe they couldn't "send" the invites because they didn't have "Send As" rights at the server level for the mailbox and gave the assistant those rights, but they still aren't able to send.

Now, I have read some posts that you have to go into the Exchange Server and give "FULL ACCESS PERMISSIONS" for the assistant on the CFO's mailbox, but that is not the solution I was looking for. Yes, when I give them full access rights they can do anything they want in the calendar, however, the CFO does not want this person to have rights to be able to see the CFO's email.

I have a feeling this is just the way it is, but maybe there's something I'm missing or maybe we missed something when setting up our server - some setting we didn't check or whatever. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask
this question. I have looked all over the internet for someone having this same problem as me and I am at my wits end. I thought maybe someone else might be having the same problem and this site looked like a great site to post my issue.


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Same issue here

by Aldarion In reply to OWA 2007 Shared Calendar ...

Have you found a solution ever since?
I am facing the exact same issue here and the only solution that works is giving full access rights, which is not an answer for a Senior Executive.

Have you worked out somehow?
Thank you

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Behaviour by design

by Aldarion In reply to Same issue here

I opened a ticket with Microsoft Support Premiere services and found the official answer.

"This behavior is by design."

It is described in this KB.

In spanish would be CURTITE. Jajaja.

Ok, hope it helps someone.

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