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    OWA calendar does not sync with outlook


    by bigmick71 ·

    Whenever I enter an appointment in Outlook Web Access (OWA) it will not show up in my normal Outlook calendar. But the reminder does pop up with the entry from OWA. Very frustrating, especially when we are using our calendars to show where we are at all times.
    This is not only isolated to me, but the whole company.
    We use MS Small Business Server 2003 with the Outlook client from same.
    Webmail is set correctly.Everything else works just fine, inbox, calendar (except for above), contacts, public folders etc.

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      by bigmick71 ·

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      Mobile device calendars don’t sync with outlook

      by stuh ·

      In reply to OWA calendar does not sync with outlook

      We have the same issue and a very similar set-up. We also have Windows Mobile devices and the calendars in these match OWA but not Outlook. I’ve tried the options for clearing the Outlook cache in case it was a client issue – also tried removing the .ost file and allowing it to recreate from the server – no change.

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      Having the same problem

      by slee ·

      In reply to OWA calendar does not sync with outlook

      I’m having the exact same problem. It seems to work if Outlook is in non-cached mode. But once it’s switched to cached mode all events made in OWA disappears. Have you been able to fix this?

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        I’m scratching my head…

        by bigmick71 ·

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        It fixed itself, and I don’t know what happened. We had recently rebuilt our server, and then this problem started. After a week, I posted my original message, but the following week, it had fixed itself. We had downloaded the August updates in the meantime. It is now running perfectly. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

        Big Mick

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          SP2 seems to be the fix

          by stuh ·

          In reply to I’m scratching my head…

          No worries – it’s also fixed here now too. I can’t say for sure what fixed it but it was probably application of SP2 (though in another forum they said not to apply that for this problem). We also added more memory so re-booted the server.

          We also tracked the issue to be a missing start date for appointments in Outlook – why it was missing is a mystery!!

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