OWA - Can't send email using Outlook Web Access

By vapeur77777 ·
A user complains that he can't send email from Outlook Web Access using his laptop computer. He is able to read his new messages but when he tries to send a message, the dialog box closes and the message is not sent.

I've logged into his Outlook Web Access email account and have sent email successfully. He works from home, so I had him try using another computer in his home and he was able to send email on that computer. He's also able to send email out of Outlook Express on his laptop using a personal email account.

I suspect he either changed a setting in Internet Explorer (he's running version 7), but I have no idea how to troubleshoot this problem. I've read on the Internet that people running Vista are having trouble with OWA but he's running XP Professional.

He's about as computer illiterate as you can image, so I don?t want to try to walk him through things like reinstalling Internet Explorer, etc, because he might do something wrong and mess up his computer worse than it is. He lives in another state far away so he can?t bring in his computer for me to work on it.

What setting or plug-in or corrupted file could cause this problem?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I thought I should add that we are running Exchange Server 2003 SP2.

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by Churdoo In reply to OWA - Can't send email us ...

I've never seen OWA behave this way, at least not this consistently.

Invest in gotomeeting ( or something similar; those browser initiated remote support applets are worth their weight in gold in situations like this! They are simple instructions to start a meeting and give you remote control, and then have him go away and you can troubleshoot the problem. Gotomeeting lets you try for 30 days before you have to commit to a paid plan.

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Same issue

by corlanb In reply to gotomeeting

Having the same issue as the OP. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Also, suggest you check out Again there is a free trial but the interface is SIMPLE for end users and this is specifically for remote support. I use it constantly.

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Worth a shot

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Same issue
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try using another browser

by lolotechie In reply to OWA - Can't send email us ...

Similar problem: user can't send or reply to emails using OWA in a Google Chrome browser; sending OK in other workstations.

Solution: User switched browser to Mozilla Firefox or IE and was able to send or reply to emails since.

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Since you've already isolated the problem...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to OWA - Can't send email us ...

Since you've already isolated the problem down to something with his computer, I would try the following:

Start MSIE in safe mode (iexplore

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