OWA certain emails error 500

By ilya ·
Hello, I was wondering if anyone experienced same bug. I tried to read an email from the known sender, with no attachments, but it won't. Outlook 2003 sends the error "can't open this item", I cant forward this email and OWA wont open this error, but leads to 500 error page with no specific explanations?

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There is

by Jesus_C In reply to OWA certain emails error ...

a problem with the e-mail server.Usually means that the server needs updates or maitanence.Its not a client issue

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exchange server 2003

by ilya In reply to There is

exchange server is pretty much up-to-date. what maitanence is required?

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This might help but might no be relevant to your problem

by Jesus_C In reply to exchange server 2003

This custom error page can be configured with a single line in the .htaccess file for the relevant directory, as shown below. If this instruction is given in the root level directory, it applies to all subdirectories.

ErrorDocument 500 /error-docs/500.shtml
The file path must lead with a forward slash relative to the document root for the server or virtual host. In this example, error-docs is a sub-directory of the document root.

The error document itself should be a standard formatted HTML document that may use Server Side Includes or any other dynamic processing that is enabled in your environment. Bear in mind, however, that if errors occur in the delivery of such dynamic documents your visitors may witness an even less friendly aspect to your site!

Activate .htaccess settings
To enable .htaccess files to override the server's http.conf settings, the default host must have the AllowOverride FileInfo property set in its Directory directive. Your configuration should look something like this:

<Directory "C:/apache/httpd/htdocs/manual">
Options Includes Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride FileInfo
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

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by ilya In reply to This might help but might ...

i don't see any relevance. the main goal is to get outlook to open this email. i don't care about customizing the error page.

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After that i'm lost

by Jesus_C In reply to nope
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by ilya In reply to After that i'm lost

thanks. PPL! Help!

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