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    OWA errrors


    by kevindvt ·

    Hello, When using OWA from a client it returns the VB sript error 800a01a8. I have tried the MS solution Q248718 (delete IIswam.1) and Q279834 (incompatable apps.)does not seem to apply. I have de and re-installed IIs4 and all patches,reinstalled Exchange 5.5 and sp4 over themselves, reinstalled nt4 Sp6a and deinstalled owa and tried to reinstall it. Reinstall fails with an inet info error when inet info tries to restart at the end of the owa installation. Exchange does show up as a virtual directory in iis after this, so I tried Q248718 again. Still no luck. Anybody got any ideas? This server is also running as a web and proxy 2.0 server. It all worked fine until a couple days ago. Thanks, Kevin

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      An Idea

      by radiic ·

      In reply to OWA errrors

      Have you tried reapplying the proxy patch>?

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        by kevindvt ·

        In reply to An Idea

        Yes, I’ve reinstalled proxy and the patch. I have since tried Q194525 (reget32)to no avail.

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