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    OWA/Exchange 2003


    by lino767 ·

    I just installed email security appliance (email/spam filter) recently, and
    when I do OWA I get logon prompt for the email security box but not for
    outlook web access. The email security box forwards everything to the
    exchange server through port 25. Both the email security box and the only
    exchange server 2003 is behind the firewall. I get email back and forth with
    out any problem, the problem is with OWA. what do I need to do? open a port
    or forward a port? I am confused, please help.

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      Reply To: OWA/Exchange 2003

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to OWA/Exchange 2003

      OWA is a web site, so it uses HTTP – port 80 – or, if you’re using SSL, it needs HTTPS – port 443. So your security box (router also, if it’s separate) needs to forward incoming traffic on port 80 or 443 to the server that’s running OWA.

      Hope this helps!

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      Reply To: OWA/Exchange 2003

      by adent888 ·

      In reply to OWA/Exchange 2003

      It sounds like port 80 on your firewall/router is pointed to the email security appliance. Point it to the exchange server.

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