OWA - how to access private folders

By uk_msxoutlook ·
Outlook Web Access - how can I adress private folders of an other users mailbox?
By the time I've only found


with is a bad solution to use with many different shared private folders.
(Public folders are no solution in our system)

Any help?


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You can't

by tintoman In reply to OWA - how to access priva ...

that is why they are called "private"

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for shure you can,

by uk_msxoutlook In reply to You can't

as I tried to explain.

I'm looking for the techie who has a solution to make the access more comfortable


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in that case

by tintoman In reply to for shure you can,

you didn't make it very clear what you are trying to do
If you are saying that you want to access private folders of users without their log in credentials you will not be bale to do so.
And even if that were possible I for one would not tell you how to do it

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OWA - how to access private folders with read permission

by uk_msxoutlook In reply to in that case

sorry for my englisch, I'm not a native speaker.

I'dont wont to hack a postoffice, so I'll try to make my question a little bit clearer:

I have the permission to read and add elements to a folder in an other users mailbox. This works perfect in Outlook 2007 executable.

Our aim is to have a similar access in Outlook Web Access - similar especially regarding to an easy way to navigate to folders. At the moment it works like the following:

1. connect in IE7 to my own postoffice with my credentials
2. Open a second TAB (new window won't work)
3. then enter url as mentioned befor:

I'd like to have a Tip, how we could enable navigating to shared mailbox folders in the navigating pane of OWA (as we could do at the office with outlook executable)


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If the user has designated.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to OWA - how to access priva ...

.... YOU as a delegate, the private folders would automatically show up in OWA.

Obviously, you don't have delegate credentials.

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Thanks, I've to investigate.

by uk_msxoutlook In reply to If the user has designate ...

As a company rule we have to set the permissions at folder level to "Level 3" for users to whom we wont to share private folders.
This works in Outlook.exe, you can open the mailbox and navigate to the shared folder. OWA behaives as mentioned before.


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unfortunately this is not what we're looking for

by uk_msxoutlook In reply to If the user has designate ...

I've reminded myself about the possibilities to change the permissions

1- In Outlook, delegate via Tools-Options-Delegates.

2- In Outlook, give permissions directly on the folder by right-clicking the folder in Outlook and going into the Permissions tab.

3- AD Users and Computers, in the Exchange Advanced tab (this is no opportunity for end users)

We have to use (2) for some singular folders in our mailboxes.

Any additional advise?


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