OWA keeps dropping out

By danzmanz ·

I have set up OWA on our only exchange 2003 server. Works great but its quite temperamental. It drops out and does not come back online unless i restart the server. when it drops out it does not work with both local servername/exchange and external mail.domain/exchange.

there is hardly anything worth mentioning in the event logs.

any thoughts?

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Check IIS

by Dedlbug In reply to OWA keeps dropping out

Not sure what is going on, but you could check a few things. What page do you get in your web browser when OWA is not working? Can you ping the server IP when OWA stops working? Does IIS show anything? If OWA goes unavailable again, check IIS and maybe just restart IIS or the site containing OWA and see if that resolves the issue for the time being.

Also it may be a certificate or directory security issue. If OWA works at all, then stops...plenty it could be. What have you ruled out so far? (DNS, forms based authenitication, browsers, etc)

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no go

by danzmanz In reply to Check IIS

i get the standard "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"..

i am able to ping the server, I get the same message when i try to access OWA locally on the server. IIS seems to be functioning as normal, the default site has not stopped and the IIS service has not stopped. I have restarted it but it drops out again after a few days. I am not using SSL certificates.

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You tried the IP too?

by Dedlbug In reply to no go

Have you tried to access the OWA with http://<server IP>/Exchange? If you cannot access it with the IP, then the issue is most likely in IIS. Look at all the settings and properties for your Default Web Site. Maybe try installing a certificate, requiring SSL, and use https:\\.

Have you check the IIS logs as well as Server logs?

If your sure you checked the obvious things, (Backups, Antivirus, updates, System Manager settings) try:

I almost out of ideas. =/

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out of ideas

by danzmanz In reply to You tried the IP too?

the logs points point to a file "\exyymmddhh.log" but it is not in the folder.

yeah i recreated the folders before i configured OWA.

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Strange one.

by Dedlbug In reply to out of ideas

I'm not sure I understand the issue with the logs. You're saying they don't exist? Are the folder permissions correct?

How many users use OWA at once? I have heard of issues regarding OWA related to RPC or specifically the rpcpoxy.dll file. Stopping web site, renaming the file and restarting the site. Does anyone use RPC over HTTPS?

If all else fails:

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worth a try

by danzmanz In reply to Strange one.

re logs, in properties there is a specific log file name that i cannot find in the given log path.

not many people use it, didnt want to broadcast a half job.. i'l try that, my exchange is set to RPC over HTTP.

i downloaded and ran exchange best practice analyser, it came up with a few errors that could cause instability. i will sort these errors out and let you know if it fixed it.

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if you get "page cannot be displayed locally

by CG IT In reply to no go

then you have a configuration problem in IIS.

IIS is not directing traffic to the OWA site.

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by danzmanz In reply to if you get "page cannot b ...

well I would guess that if it wasn't configured correctly it wouldn't work at all. It works fine when i restart it but for some reason it drops out but the IIS service is still running.

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Try Microsoft Technet

by CG IT In reply to OWA keeps dropping out
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cant seem to find it

by danzmanz In reply to Try Microsoft Technet

most of those articles are setup/configuration for OWA. the trouble shooting ones is for issues prior to it running.

my issue is that it runs then drops out for some reason..

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