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We are running SBS03 with OWA. Our company site is managed off site but our web access comes from inside.

So our main site would be

Our owa site is

Our question is, how can we access this url from within our office? We simply get a 404. If we, of course type in https://servername/exchange, this will work.

Our main issue is that our Windows Mobile devices need to access for ActiveSync and they need to connect to their providers internet to sync. We think that if we were able to hit our sitename internally, the WM devices could sync using our WiFi connection.. ?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!



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by Churdoo In reply to OWA or DNS

To get to resolve to your SBS internal IP from within the network, In your internal DNS resolver, presumably your SBS box, you'll have to create a DNS zone for and create an A record for the host 'mail' and populate it with the SBS internal IP. You'll also have to create an A record for www and populate it with the public IP of your www site so you don't lose browsing of the website from within your network.

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by ted In reply to DNS

Within our DNS our primary zone is company.local.

I have created a new primary zone called

Created A record for www which points to our external website IP

Created A record for mail which points to our internal SBS server.

I seem to be missing something. Care to weigh in?

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How about Technet?

by CG IT In reply to OWA or DNS

lots of step by step articles on Windows Mobile [versions 2002, 5, 6] with SBS.

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