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I am very new to Exchange. We merged over from GroupWise. My 50 users all have Outlook 2002 configured to access Exchange. I want to give all users outside access to email using OWA. I have a separate MS web server in the "DMZ" from my Exchange 2000 server. I have read an article on the front end back end setup, but it sounds kinda of complicated. Does anyone know of any books or resources that could help step me through the setup procedure. I use a firewall with NAT.


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by Stumpy2 In reply to OWA setup

You will want to definetely implement a Verisign code so you Exchange server will be secure.

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A couple of things

by LordInfidel In reply to OWA setup

1. OWA needs to communicate directly to the exch server and also needs to contact the domain controller.

While it's not a bad idea to have it in the dmz, you have to allow it to contact the other servers.

A way around this, beleive it or not, is to put a second nic in there. so you have 2 nics, eth0 and eth1. eth0 would be your public address with a gwy and dns. eth1 would just be your pvt address, no gtwy or dns. !!!In order for this to work they must be on 2 different subnets.

Then in your lmhosts file, specify the address to your exch and dc server.

2. SSL- if this is just for local users, you do not need to go out and buy a cert. However, you do need to encrypt the traffic. Do this by generating your own key. After it is installed, and your user connect, they will get a warning box about the cert not being verifable. it does'nt matter since you created. If your users press yes and trust the cert, the session will be protected via ssl.

And that is all that matters really. Also make sure you enfore 128bit.

3. lastly, when your users connect, they are going to be prompted for a u/p. they will need to put the domain identifier in. ie domain\user

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