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OWA: text size

By dbunde ·
I have a user whose text size is very large when they do new e-mails even though the setting is for 10 pt Arial. Is this an explorer setting?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OWA: text size

It shouldn't be. What E-Mail client are you using here?

If it's Outlook Express this sounds like a partly corrupted User Profile but do the usual things first Run a AV Scan over the unit as well as Spy Ware Scans and do this in Safe Mode. If you don't know how to get into Safe Mode all you need do is press the F8 key between the POST Screen and the Windows Splash Screen and then scroll up to Safe Mode don't chose the Safe Mode with Networking as that loads more drivers that what you want loaded, you are trying to run with the absolute Minimum Set of Drivers Loaded so that it's easier to remove any problems found.

The following links are for Spy Ware Tools which are quite effective.

You can also do a Registry Scan with the following program which is a 30 Day Trial version so only grab the standard version and not the Pro version as it has an AV program which if you are only testing is useless as a 30 day trial.

Whatever you do DO NOT use the Remove Duplicate Files Option with this utility or you'll hose the OS totally everything else is fairly safe to use but if in doubt don't use the tool. The Registry Cleaner is quite good and will fix any problems in the Registry.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Thanks Garret I was trying very hard to forget Outlook Web Access since it's so great.

I've talked all of my existing customers out of using it and haven't seen anything relating to it recently so I had thought it had gone the way of the Dodo.

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by Garret` In reply to OWA: text size

Hold down the ctrl key and roll the wheel of the mouse down. Hey presto! the font shrinks! Roll it up to make it grow.

"crtl +" and "ctrl -" will do the same thing too.

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by Garret` In reply to

ps Col, I think this is Outlook Web Access, so the client is effictivly IE :)

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by j.lupo In reply to OWA: text size

In addition to controlling your web browser sizes with CTRL + and CTRL -, if you use a mouse with a wheel between the left and right buttons, you can hold CTRL down and roll the wheel up and down to increase and decrease the font size.

OWA usually is Outlook Web Access as I recall and I have used it before. Not my favorite tool at all.

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