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OWA Worldwide in a hurry !

By marcheenobrinn@hotmail. ·
I am currently involved in a project to give OWA (Outlook Web Acces) e-mail to over 20,000 users world-wide. Users already have IE5.0 as their browsers, but have never used e-mail before. We have no plan at present to add any additional support personnel. The timeline is also extremely aggressive - 2 mths. Does anybody out there have any experience with rolling OWA to this number of non-PC people ? How was support impacted ? Does anybody agree with my thnking that this is completely insane ?

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by driordan In reply to OWA Worldwide in a hurry ...

Get away from that project, because it's going to be a disaster. I've never taken on a project of that size, but it would take a massive staff to pull it off in 2 months. Adding 20,000 users to your Exchange infrastructure is going to be bad enough, but then coming up with all the IIS servers you'll need to actually run OWA for that many users.... How are you going to get all those servers installed, configured and load-tested in 2 months?

And who's going to train the users? I find 2 hours of hands-on, instructor-led training will do the job for people who've used email, but 4 hours wasn't enough to bring the novices online. But I'm using Exchange 5.5, and I've heard OWA is much better in Exchange 2000.

Why OWA? If all they're going to get is email, why not have them use Outlook Express and get their email through POP3? Or even better, outsource it. There are any number of Webmail providers who would give your users free accounts. Or for a little money (probably less than the cost of extra servers, etc.), you can find a Webmail provider to give you addresses with your domain name, etc.

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