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I have created a new brush. Instead of being a single line it is a series of that image. I need to increase the frequency of the image to be a solid line. How do I do that?

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Well, for a start perhaps you could ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Owner/Operator

Tell us what the **** you are talking about!

If by 'brush' you are referring to an art/photo software package, could you maybe mention it by name?

Also, 'brush' tends to be a term used in computer hardware based around the Motorola family of CPUs - you wouldn't be running an Apple computer would you?

If you're not talking about any of the above, then I've just wasted my time trying to guess what you've already not told us.

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It's probably...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Well, for a start perhaps ...

Paint Shop Pro or Photo Shop. In those programs, you can create what is called a 'brush stroke' or 'brush' for short. It allows you to paint with a swipe of the mouse.

But, I agree. The poster needs to either tell us what the heck they're talking about or post their question in the Software Manufacturer's forums.

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Used 'brushes' way way back on an Amiga B4000 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to It's probably...

It's basically like a smearable sprite, grabbed from whatever static image you care to mention. The only other system I ever experienced that described these as a 'brush' were the graphics packages on the Apple machines.

Mind you, I think GIMP uses the same terminology.

Don't have much call for these packages anymore - not unless they start marketing them with laser surgery for failing eyesight built-in to the cost.

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