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Ownership of files

By machinegun_kelly ·
Can someone please help me take ownership of my own files. I was running a RAID 0 array (Mirrors) and one of my drives failed from my hard-drive cooler fan circuit shorting it out.
Now the back-up drive is my slave in my new OS.

I have same user name as before but my certificate code is differant. I'm admin now and was before. Im using fully licinsed XP copy. I dont know what to do.

Ive tried going to properties to turn off Encription of Data to secure files, but when I try to add me as a user who can view files it wants me to select a certificate. Which it shows my user name but does not show me having a certificate.

Whats the easiest way to decript my files?

My setup - P4 2.8, 512MB RAM, i850 chipset, winXP pro, ATI 9700 pro, SB Audigy Platnum.

Please Help me get my files back!! TNX

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Not sure of your setup

by gralfus In reply to Ownership of files

RAID 0 stripes data between two disks, so if you are only looking at one of the two drives, you won't find anything useful. If the drive you say is your backup is really a mirror of the whole array, then you would be able to boot from it and gain access. That said, I don't know of any way to gain access to encrypted files once the originator's login has been wiped. The built-in administrator account is supposed to be able to access these by default (if I recall correctly), but that would be the original admin acct, not a new one. Maybe someone else will have a way, but I don't think you will get the data back.

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by machinegun_kelly In reply to Not sure of your setup

Yeah its a mirror for sure, I thought 1 was striping. sorry bout that. I can still access all other files on the drive. When my drive crashed, I didnt have another one to re-build the array with so when I moved it off the raid controller it wouldn't boot because of RAID drivers. I'm guessing that once you install RAID drivers during XP setup that windows will only boot off a functional array. I'm kinda new to RAID, I can get it working in all, but I didnt know that you couldnt take one side of a mirror and make it a master drive. I ended up using a slower HD for my OS, and the raid mirror that I have left is one of my slaves now. I didnt think about these problems with RAID before I deleted my windows folder from the drive. So I guess theres no hope of re-building my array to get the drive bootable again. Now I gotta go kick myself in the foot!!!! Thanks for your response!

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Re: Not sure of your setup

by bixbyru In reply to Not sure of your setup

You, Sir, are on drugs.

RADI-0 is mirroring, two identical drives. Either one is the whole.

Typically, however, this is not done with the boot media, but rather with a storage array.

I suspect the fellow had three drives in his original system, and that he stuck the remaining data drive in another system when the original system blew up.

If it *is* a mirror of the boot drive, it still wouldn't be bootable because only the filesystem is mirrored, not the MBR. If he fixed the MBR on another box he might be able to then boot from it.

Also, Windows is screwy with RAID. The drive has all the data, but Windows won't treat it correctly after a shutdown without another drive in place to constitute an array.

Try uning Norton Utilities to make the drive bootable.



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A Little Off

by the_only_warren In reply to Re: Not sure of your setu ...

You may want to read this article.,,sid5_gci214332,00.html

Learn your RAID and then start over.

PEBCAK, and it looks like you may have an ID-Ten-T Error.

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EFS Recovery Agent

by Nathan_MadScientist In reply to Ownership of files

There is a utility on the resource disc called EFS Recovery Agent, i presume all the OS data is still on the disk? You can get information about the files in questions by using Efsino.exe util - could try backing up the Recovery Agent's private key, then restoring it. I have never done this on a disk that is not holding the current OS but i think it's the only viable option.

if they were mirrored drives can you not boot the original OS from the 'backup drive'.

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RAID-0 brings NO data protection AT ALL

by abenaton In reply to Ownership of files

Too bad! RAID-0 has nothing to do with data PROTECTION : it is just a performance tool (disk stripping). You shoud have used either RAID-1 (mirror) or RAID-5 (parity).
If one of your RAID-0 disk is dead, the WHOLE strip is dead!

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