Owning a smartphone ?

By Jess2020 ·
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Newbie and non-techie here so would appreciate a little advice. I've never had or needed a smartphone as working from home for ages I'm fine with just my PC and mobile phone on their own. However with this wretched virus and the new tracking app situation, I'm now wondering if this means that everyone must have a smartphone regardless, whilst of course fully understanding all the reasons why. My question is must I now own one regardless of whether one likes them or not or are there other options available? Thanks.
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by sanjeevkalshan9910 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

Yes, if you work ob your pc smartphone it is good for you as you can do all your work which you do on PC. Smartphones also give various things to the customers which aren't in the PC.

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Yes it is

by aliamjadshahgt In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

whether you like it or not, but smartphones are a necessity now and you just can not live with it.

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by FERRY20 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

The phone can never be dispensed with, but we vary the range of uses.

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by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

Somehow yes, smartphones have become a necessity today for everyone. They provide numerous features that will simplify your work.

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Always a plus

by steventhompsont42 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

Even if you manage to successfully exist without a smartphone, if you actually give in and get one, you definitely won't regret it. The features will only help you work more efficiently, and you will generally find tons of things useful. Also, a smartphone allows you to be way more mobile and stay connected.

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Owning a smartphone!

by jonesst430 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

It's always enjoying having a new device. Enjoy your best time with this one. LOL!

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Oweing smartphone

by jhask564 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

I think these days smartphones play a huge role. This makes your life effortless & helps to know about technology. So you need a smartphone for living a smart life.

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It is not a needed item

by PowertotheFlower In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

One does not need a Smartphone. It is great to have bit also means its more noise in your life. If you are happy with what you have- then stay with it.

I personally miss the days of a normal phone- made my life simpler.

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by talhaaxhar34 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

To be honest you like or not smartphone is important you can remain up to date about your email or you can reply them you simply can't be online all the time on pc so ya it's important.
Thanks and have a nice day.

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by Smartfitness22 In reply to Owning a smartphone ?

Keep your friends and family in contact, either through calls, text or pictures,
You may know where you are and find simple ways and courses to go anyplace, particularly in an obscure spot.

You can cause the world to tune in to your voice in a touch.

You can invest your energy carefully perusing the news or accomplishing some official work.

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