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P A D files

By whistl3r ·
My fiancee came to me regarding an interview she has scheduled for next week, performing support on networks, pc's and macs, vterms.. and the like; she asked what P A D files are and where they're located? What essential role do P A D files play within IT Support?

How I understand PAD (Portable Application Description), is that it's a development function, so where does support come into the factor? Am I relating to the correct PAD description or is there more than one P A D? So, if I am on the correct path.. where would a P A D file be located and what function do they serve?


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to P A D files

As far as I know you are correct in your assumption about PAD meaning Portable Application Description.

The only support for these could be if the company involved is actually producing some software of some kind and since you have mentioned a Cross Platform environment that could very well be the case though without more Data I'm not sure either.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

That would be how I would look at it as well. There is of course only one other possibility here and that is that this organisation has adopted some specialised Software that uses the same Acronym meaning something completely different for the work that they do.

Without knowing more about the company it's hard to say.

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by whistl3r In reply to P A D files

Someone pointed a repository out to me. Here are some IT related fuctions.

Packetizer And Depacketizer
Performance Analysis and Design
Program Approval Document
Program Associated Data
Project Appraisal Document
Project Approval Document
Projected Availability Date
Purchasing Application Documentation

Though, if I understand PAD (Portable Application Description) they all could fit well into it, correct? PAD is commonly used to organize the submittal of a file or a document?

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