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P2P Network with Win 98 & 2000 Server

By alex ·
I am trying to connect two Windows 98 machines (one 98 & the other one 98 Second Edition) to a Windows 2000 Advance Server on a Peer-to-Peer network via a switch. I created a workgroup and joint all the computers to the workgroup.

If I open the network places on the Windows 2000 Advance Server I can see the two other computers (Windows 9. When I click on them, it gives me an error that says "<name of Computer> path not found." I tried to ping the computers from the Windows 2000 Advance Server, but ping returns an error that says "Unknown host." The Windows 2000 Advance Server has TCP/IP as network protocol.

Now, from the Windows 98 machines, I do not see the computer with Windows 2000 Advance Server, or the other Win 98 computer. I tried to ping the other computers and I get an error that says "unkown host." Both 98 computers have NetBeui and TCP/IP protocols enabled on their Network Cards.

Anyone has had this problem before? Any insights you might suggest to solve this issue???

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A few thoughts...

by eBob In reply to P2P Network with Win 98 & ...

1 - Get rid of NetBEUI on the Win98's. You don't need it.
2 - Make sure IP is configured correctly on all boxes.
3 - Make sure all computers are part of the same workgroup.
4 - Make sure you're using "Client for Microsoft Networks" on all.
5 - Create a share on each computer and enable "suitable" access permissions.
6 - You should now be able to connect to the shares on the Win98's from the Win2KAS.
7 - When you try to connect from the Win98 to Win2KAS, you absolutely must be using a userID configured on the 2K or you will not get through.

Hope that helps.

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