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P2P technology: What is this? Where it is heading?

By mr_ami ·
About the P2P Technology ,the lot is written.
But exactly what it is and how is works?
Can someone please exaplain it bit further...

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2 types of P2P

by TheChas In reply to P2P technology: What is t ...

There are 2 types of P2P networks.

In the IT community, a Peer-to-Peer network is a simple network without a server where individual computers connect to each other.

In a home, or a small office, a peer to peer network may be all that is needed.

In the press, and the music industry, Peer-to-Peer networks denote a loose network of computers that share files with each other over the internet.

To join these networks, you usually need to install special software and allow access to a folder where you store material that you wish to offer to the community.
The problem with these P2P networks is that many of the users share copyrighted material that has been produced by others.

So, which type of P2P network do you desire to know more about?


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more about the the loose network??

by mr_ami In reply to 2 types of P2P

Can you expalin bit more about the loose network, what music industries uses...


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