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P2P Win98 problem

By randy_nixon ·
I'm helping a friend with computer problems. He has a peer to peer system hooked directly together with crossover cable. One system seems to have no problems, but the other other can't see any computer besides itself on the network. I've done everything I can think of, reinstalled protocols, set up netbeui, etc etc. Any suggestions? I'm mostly into other platforms so win98 is a bit of any icy area for me.
Thanx in advance.

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peer to peer

by petemcc In reply to P2P Win98 problem

Share a folder, drive or create a share on the target computer & add a user with rights to access. map a drive from the problem machine (right click network neighborhood) \\servername\sharename. If you're running TCP/IP ping the target by name and IP address

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Master Browser service

by Vila In reply to P2P Win98 problem

You probably have problem with Master Browser service. I don't know why but I can tell you workaround. There is a file, called lmhosts.sam. Ii think i't either in %systemroot% or in %systemroot\system32
Rename it lmhosts and write inside the oposite machine in the both stations. The sintax is: oposite_machine_name

where is the oposite machine IP address. Note that you must have at least two spaces between the machina IP and Machine name

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Crossover Cable

by Tech010 In reply to P2P Win98 problem

I've had a similar issue. Make sure NetBeui is installed on both PC's and that they are part of the same workgroup. Also check the NIC settings, you may have to manually set the speed on one of the NIC's to 10mbs. Let me know how you make out.

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