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P4 Processor failures, Gateway PC

By gcoan ·
I am working on a Gateway EXS500S PC w/ 2.0G P4 Processor, 400mhz FSB. I tested the factory installed, 165w, P4 ATX P/S, with a P/S tester. Result - bad cir, and replaced with 400w P4 P/S. Before testing P/S, PC already had major virus, adware and spyware problem. After replacing P/S the processor burned out within 2-3hrs. I replaced Processor, cleaned up system, ran great. The next day, turned on PC, Processor was bad.
Could the M/B have been damaged by bad P/S, or could this new P/S be too much for the PC? Is there a test for the M/B? NEED Urgent Answer. Thanks for help!

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by mjd420nova In reply to P4 Processor failures, Ga ...

I can understand the 165W p/s burning up, but the
reason may now be that the processor may have
developed a fault. The MOBO could have a short
that is putting voltages in the wrong place,
resulting in the cpu failure. It's not likely
that the p/s is over powered, but the cpu may
have gotten surged when the p/s went bad. No
reason for the cpu to fail unless the MOBO has
a fault. Double check that the cpu has an
adequate heat sink, and that it has a fan
mounted on it.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to P4 Processor failures, Ga ...

The PS can not be too big for any computer provided it is of the right type.

However the M'Board could have been damaged and the Zenner Diode that regulates the voltage to the CPU could have gone Open Curcit and is allowing to high a voltage to the CPU burning it out.

The Heat Sink that come with this system could be better as well but it's unlikely to be the major problem. Just make sure that it's clean and that the fan that is pushing air over it actually works and that none of the ducting is cracked or dislodged. If you have an Active Heat Sink I would replace the Passive one that came standard with the system.

As for testing the M'Board unless you make the things it's not really fesiable as they just drop them into a test unit and read any voltages off the back of the Board to make sure that it's working correctly. You could however try the Ultimate Boot CD to test the M'Board but this will involve fitting another CPU and possibly destroying it as well.

With the current prices M'Boards are far cheaper than CPU's so I would replace the M'Board and not run the risk of destroying another CPU needlessly. But if you want to try you can find the above at


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by HereInOz In reply to P4 Processor failures, Ga ...

Also, just run a multimeter over the output of the PowerSupply. I have seen power supplies which are faulty out of the box, and deliver a much higher voltage than they are supposed to.

Make sure your 12s and 5s are what they should be, and not too high.

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