P4VXMS Motherboard

By Melolvr68 ·
I have a P4 1.6 ghz custom built computer that went on the blink. I took it to a local computer store and they said that the south bride chip was bad or at least they thought. They came to this conclusion based on the fact that they could smell something burning,there was a scorch mark on the chip and it was extremely hot to the touch.

Since i am currently unemployed i need to do the most cost effective thing i can which i think is to buy a new motherboard.
So the question is: "Can I go to a Fry's Electronics store and buy a mother board that will accept the Processor and memory that I currently have resulting in a savings for me and a functional computer?" If so which ones would work.

The details that I have about my motherboard is that it is an Elite P4x266-8233 i think that is VIA VT8233.

Please HELP!!


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Sounds pretty old

by mjd420nova In reply to P4VXMS Motherboard

I think you could find a motherboard that will accept your processor and memory. It might have to be a unit that willbe at the bottom end of it's capabilities and for the price, you could get the board and a newer faster processor for only slightly more than just the board. I take my older machines and put a wireless card in them and use them as print servers or fax devices.

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You have an Elite M'Board

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to P4VXMS Motherboard

Here re the Specs fr that M'Board


You may be able to pickup one on E-Bay or some place similar but I doubt that you'll see one of these new as Intel hasn't used the 423 Socket for a very long time now.


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