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p900 and mac OS X

By raghu ·

there was a time that I searchead on the net for a way to get my
G4 connected with the P900 and yesterday I was tring to re-
route my internet traffic via BT to the phone and via GPRS to the
TCP cloud. Of course i could nt do it.

these 2 powerful devices are capable to do a lot of things. Every
time a I am drived by my curiousity, I discover a new thing that
these things can do put together.

I would like to know if people had tried some thing that they
would like to share with others so that we can all have better
function set to work with.

ciao Raghu

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Try this link, it worked for me

by mark In reply to p900 and mac OS X

Have a look at this.
It worked for my P800 and Powerbook.

Hope it helps


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m sorry to say

by raghu In reply to Try this link, it worked ...

but this link is not working.

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Remove any spaces in the link

by mark In reply to m sorry to say

Try copying and pasteing the link into a new browser window
and make sure to remove any spaces from it. From some reason
the board sometimes adds these in.


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entourage with p900

by raghu In reply to p900 and mac OS X

has any one tried to configure p900 with MS entourage on g4
with mac os x?????????????

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