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    Package and Deployment Wizard


    by layland ·

    I am running VB6 Pro. I just completed my first software app. I ran the ” Package and Deployment Wizard” and I got a error that states “Filename must contain text.” What am I missing?

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      Package and Deployment Wizard

      by e.rick ·

      In reply to Package and Deployment Wizard

      From the Microsoft Product Support Services page (article Q193174):

      The PDW reads all of the objects and references out of the VBP file. When you compile the control only after saving both the ActiveX Control project and the ActiveX DLL/EXE project, the latter’s VBP does not reflect the current state of the referenced control and is therefore invalid. When you open the VBP in Notepad, note that the reference to the control is:

      Object=*\A[Name of Control Project].vbp
      However, if you choose to save the projects, the correct reference is saved:
      Object={GUID}#version#version; [Name of Control Project].ocx
      When the PDW fails to parse correctly in the first case, it tries to add a file named “” to make up for the name of the compiled OCX. This results in the above error.

      To update the VBP file with correct references, save both projects before using the PDW to package them.

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