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Packet 8 VoIP Phones

By ronniewb ·
Hello. I recently installed Packet 8 phones on our Windows network and am having DHCP issues. We have a 1 Windows 2008 Server, 1 Cisco ASA 5505 and 12 Vista workstations. We run DHCP on our Windows server, with a pool/range of 50 available IP addresses. These new phones use DHCP as well so in addition to our Vista workstations grabbing an IP, these new phones grab IPs via DHCP as well. I began installing the Packet8 phones this morning and during the process, 4 of 12 users said they lost their internet connection. I turned off 4 of the VoIP phones and the 4 users internet connections were restored. I checked our DHCP scope on our server and verified we have a total of 50 IPs. I checked the current DHCP leases and only 30 of the 50 were used, so I would think that these new phones would use the 20 remaining IPs. However, something is wrong here. I even increased our DHCP pool to 100 available IPs and went back and turned the 4 IP phones back on and got the same result...users started getting kicked off the internet again. I have to do something to make the new DHCP range active? Anyone got any ideas of what I can try? Any ideas why, if I have 100 available IPs and only 12 workstations and 4 VoIP phones why I'm having these problems?


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