Packet Loss? How to Monitor?

By dw84 ·
I have been having 2 of our exchange users having issues with Outlook 2003, sometimes it takes a moment 30s-60s to load the calendar and sometimes hangs, both users are on wireless and I am wondering if we are getting packet loss, is this still a big issue with wireless? We are on a G network, there are about 6-7 other networks with in range of us as well. Is there anything I can do to monitor their packet loss?

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Interference can be a huge issue for wireless....

by robo_dev In reply to Packet Loss? How to Monit ...

you might try just changing the radio channel you are using. Devices are typically set to channel 6, so go up to channel 11 or down to channel 1

Outlook clients can be set to 'cached exchange mode' which will help tremendously over a sluggish WLAN connection. Tools>email accounts>view or change> change > more settings> advanced > check 'use cached exchange mode'

to monitor LAN performance you need a free tool like WireShark to capture/analyze network traffic.

IF you have lots of nearby WLANs that potentially interfere, you need to map those using one of the (ahem) "Security Tools" such as airsnort or NetStumbler. There are also tons of commercial products for this.

One other thing to look at is to make sure your WLAN is configured properly....make sure no routers are being used as access points, and make sure WLAN security settings and even Ethernet speed/duplex settings are correct.

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loss ratio?

by dw84 In reply to Interference can be a hug ...

I have been using wireshark although I am not that familiar with it, what would be the best filter to find out packet loss ratio?

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by dw84 In reply to loss ratio?

any suggestions?

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simple test

by shasca In reply to suggestions

You can open a command prompt, and do a ping IP -t. This will show you lag time in response from the device being pinged. It will give you some basic info to look at for MS. responses but not much more that that.

ping -t

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