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    Packet Loss?


    by s3ns4i ·

    Ok, I have a gigabit switch that has 4 servers and a workstation plugged into it.

    Server 1
    Server 2
    Server 3
    Server 4

    The switch that everything is plugged into is a self managed switch so just plug and play. When I ping from my workstation to server 1, I receive about 70% packet loss, as the same with a ping to server 2. If I were to ping something out on the wan ( ) I get 0% packet loss. If I ping localhost from each of the servers I receive 0% packet loss. What could be causing this packet loss? Ethernet cable? ( both servers are having the same issue I doubt it’s the cable) Switch ? I have swapped out the switch and I still receive the packet loss? I’m at a stand still here guys and hopefully someone could help me because I can’t figure this out for nothing.

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      by s3ns4i ·

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      Well there is more to networking than just a switch & Cables

      by oh smeg ·

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      What are the IP Addresses of these servers and do you have DHCP working on this LAN?

      It very much sounds like a addressing conflict occurring here and that need sorting before you go any further.

      You should only have DHCP Addressing set to run on 1 Server not them all as that will cause problems as well. 😉


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