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Packet Prioritization/QoS

By Susu ·
I am looking for a reasonably affordable and reliable way to provide packet prioritization within my LAN, based on TCP/UDP port.

For example, I want VoIP traffic to flow through my network uninterrupted, without being squelched by somone copying a large file to the server.

I think this would be accomplished by a switch with special capabilities. I have been trying to figure out which brands/models will do this, but I can't make heads-or-tails out of "QoS", "802.1p", "Layer 2 switching" and the other technologies and standards available.

Ultimately, I am looking for a recomendation of a specific brand and model of device, but I would also like to know which technology does what I am asking, so I can make an informed decision.

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by house In reply to Packet Prioritization/QoS

Have you considered dedicating an entire lan to VoIP traffic? I don't know your layout, so may or may not be an extreme measure.

You can also use a proxy for the VoIP traffic.

Here's a solid reference on gatekeeper technology.

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by house In reply to

I've peer mailed you... if you are looking for a solid management interface to query the server... let me know.

Include your vital stats for the network.

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by Susu In reply to

Not what I was looking for.

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by MBatty In reply to Packet Prioritization/QoS

Not sure of the size of your environment, but general comments below. Contact me direct on email if you want to know something specific.

A must for VoIP in the LAN environment is a Layer 2 Switch based architecture. Any type of hub based LAN will only work in very small implementations.

The Switches must support 802.1p and q. This will give you VLAN and Prioritisation capability. VoIP phones are best placed in their own VLAN, separate to PCs, printers, servers, etc. This is not essential, but strongly recommneded for hardware VoIP devices. VoIP VLANs are then given top priority over all other VLANs.

When designing the infrastructre any shared up links must be Full Duplex. If you have Half Duplex anywhere in the VoIP path there is the possibility of temporary congestion, which will kill your Voice call.

Good devices - Cisco, Nortel, 3COM.

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by Susu In reply to
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by tommymcbrayer In reply to Packet Prioritization/QoS

Really depends on several factors but I will stay general to your question. Since I am a CISCO Biggot, then I recomend CISCO of course. The bottom line catalyst 2950 will support CoS (Class of Service). If you have any remote offices and need to do QoS (Quality of Service)on your routers. If the traffic is going to be voice traffic then the bottom Cisco 1751V router is needed with IP Plus IOS. Typically you will segment your VOIP traffic on a seperate VLAN and run CoS on the switches and QoS on the routers. The size (horsepower) of the switch and router is dependent upon your current traffic and the number of devices. The above mentioned will work on a small to med size business. A short design would be a catalyst 4000 series Core switch and then the Catalyst 2950's hanging off of them conected via GBICS. The 2950's can also be used in data closets down the hall. Would need more info to get more specific and the above is a Cisco minimum.

TL McBrayer CNE5 & 6, CCNP, CIDS, CXE

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by Susu In reply to

Mildly helpful.

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by wlbowers In reply to Packet Prioritization/QoS
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by Susu In reply to
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by jabs In reply to Packet Prioritization/QoS

Hi, my name is Gabriel. If you call me Monday (28th) on this number (800) 201-**99 ext. 7719 , I will have one of our Techs give you a call and give you some one on one consulting and tips on how you can do that at a minimal cost.


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