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Page Borders in Word

By HereInOz ·
This has to be potentially the dumbest question I have ever asked.

I have a client who wants to do decorative page borders in MS Word 2000. That is all fine and good - Format > Borders and Shading > Page Border > Art and select the pretty border.

But the difficulty comes when she tries to print it on her Epson C41SX printer, and the bottom section of the page border is outside the printable area of the page for the Epson printer, and does not print. So we end up with a three sided border, with perhaps the top little bit of the bottom border, depending on its height.

I have spent long enough trying to figure this one out, so I now throw myself on the mercy of all you blokes. Does anyone knwo how I can solve this one and allow her to print all 4 sides her pretty borders.

We are printing to A4 paper. I thought of putting the border around the text, but there may not be much text, or in fact she may want to print the page and then handwrite the note within the border, so that doesn't work.

Can anyone assist on this one.



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by jschein In reply to Page Borders in Word

Just change her margin size and save it as default.

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by HereInOz In reply to

The change to the margin only helps if you make the changes outlined by DKlippert below, making the border around the text rather than "from the edge". But thanks for your input.


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by DKlippert In reply to Page Borders in Word
"If anything at the bottom of your page (a footer or a page border) is not printing, you're probably using an inkjet printer. Inkjets in general have a rather large unprintable area at the bottom of the page (up to 0.67" is common; the record is probably 1.01" in case of the HP 420 ). The default footer margin in Word is 0.5", and the default page border setting is ?From edge of page,? with a default measurement of 24 pts (one third of an inch) and a maximum of 31 pts (less than half an inch), so obviously these elements will not print on many printers. To move the footer into the printable area, change the footer margin (on the Margins tab of Page Layout); you may also need to adjust the bottom margin to allow enough space between text and footer. For Page Borders, you can try setting the distance ?From text? instead (again only up to 31 pts); you'll need to uncheck ?Surround footer.? (Note that ?From text? means from the text margins, not the actual text present.)

If you are determined to print outside the printer's printable area, some workarounds have been devised. One of the simplest is to temporarily tape an extension onto the bottom of the page and set a Custom page size a little longer than the actual sheet, adjusting margins accordingly. This requires some calculation and experimentation but reportedly does work if you are stubborn enough to try it! Microsoft's suggestion is to define the page size as smaller than the actual so that Word will be tricked into printing the page border, with a measurement ?From edge of page,? higher than the actual bottom of the page."

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by HereInOz In reply to

I tried changing the page size to US Letter size from A4, and that got the border on the page but a heck of a lot of white space around it. Custom sizes just didn't want to co-operate, still printing the border beyond the printable area.

Thus I have reverted to the "from text" option, even though it is far more complex (not for me but for the client, who is not very good with these computer thingies) having to set the options each time. I was hoping to avoid that but it is not to be, so she will just have to extend her capabilities to the checking of boxes!

Thank you for your input.


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by HereInOz In reply to Page Borders in Word

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