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    page fault in module shell32.dll


    by inquisitive ·

    After surfing the net I found that I couldn’t open the control panel or even search for a “file or Folder”. I rebooted the PC and started getting the message “explorer has caused an invalid page fault in module shell32.dll” When you close the pop up error message the pc hangs, and you can go no futher. If I reboot I immediately receive the same message. I can howver start the pc in Safe mode. (: (if it can start in safe why not make it start in the live mode, i love that concept) Any ideas? I think it’s in the registry somehwere.

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      by oz_media ·

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      Sounds like you picked up a virus or a really poorly coded spyware app.

      To enter safe mode, repeatedly tap the F8 key during startup (usually at POST it will catch it).
      Once in safe mode, run the System File Checker, to replace the shell.dll Click START>RUN and type sfc.exe. It will scan for altered system files and restore those that are corrupted.

      NEXT: run a comlpete Virus scan with an upto date virus signature to ensure you catch the latest bugs. If you don’t have an AntiVirus program, one of the best is free at: you can download AVG Free edition which is resourceful and runs silently without interrupting your work.
      If you still have problems, POST back here or email


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      by inquisitive ·

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      Thank for the info, but I had already checked for spyware. I ended up restoring a copy of Registry which I’ve gotten into a habit of saving. That did the trick. Thanks for your input.

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