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Page file question

By wmr02 ·
We have set the min and max page file settings on some of our windows server 2003 boxes. Yet the page file size remains the same (and it is well below what we set the minimum to.

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by curtis In reply to Page file question

you must reboot for those changes to take effect

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Page file question

A couple of things here you not only need to set the sizes but also click on the set button and then reboot. The Swap File then should be to the minimum size that you set it to.

MS recommends setting the Swap File to 1.5 times the size of the actual RAM as minimum and 2 times the size as Max.


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by B_Pope In reply to Page file question

I hear what your saying HAL 9000, & it was sort of true in the days gone by, but what if you have 6GB of RAM that's a very large swap file (fragmentation alone would grind your PC to a halt).

As long as you don't have your system set to do a full memory dump (not sure why anyone would), you really have no need to set a large swap file. Basing it on RAM size goes back to 95 days & 16MB of RAM & has no relevance on todays PC's.

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