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Page File stored in the middle of my HD

By poprocks4u ·
Is the Page File supposed to be stored in the middle section of the hard drive. I've used Doskeeper to attemt to move it to the front but to no avail.

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by TheChas In reply to Page File stored in the m ...

The page file normally ends up near the middle of your hard drive because it is not created until after Windows is installed.

The only disk defragmenter that I know for certain can move the page file to the front of the drive is Norton Speed Disk.

While there is a "slight" statistical performance advantage to having the page file at the start of the drive, I don't feel it is worth the effort.

One problem with moving the page file to the beginning of the hard drive is that you need to set a fixed size page file, or have a page file that could be split into multiple fragments.

I don't like a fixed size page file because it often gets sets too small. If the page file is too small, you can expect more Windows crashes.

What I do is use a second hard drive, or dedicated partition for the page file.
That way, neither the page file or my system files get fragmented.


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by glyall In reply to Page File stored in the m ...

TheChas is right on the mark

here is an option.
I alway set the virtual memory to 0MB
then defreg the drive
then set the virtual memory to a less twice to three the among of memory install
Note the max size is 4 MB on XP machines.

good luck

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