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Page file super high on server

By Brent ·
My email filter server (Surf Control email filter program) has about 3gb of RAM. Task Mgr shows that I'm using about 3.8gb. So I'm hitting the page file a bit. I check on the Task Mgr list and my SQL server is using 1.6, my email rules service is using about 180mb, and my store.exe (backup exchange server) is using about 100mb. The rest shows little normal processes with 1-7mb of use per service. When I look quickly, I don't see how the processes on the tsk mgr add up to 3.8gb of memory being needed. Is there a better way to find a memory breakdown? Just wondering how I'm using that much. Doesn't make sense. If there was a RAM leak somewhere, wouldn't the number just keep going up? It's stayed around this level for months, and I've just now decided I need to investigate it more, as my email filter program is having issues at times.

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