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By donaliscool ·
I'm running XP SP2, with 512 RAM, but 1GB pagefile, and I was wondering does anyone know of a way to force programs to run on the pagefile memory rather than the RAM?Im willing to tweak around alot if necessary...

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by PC-guru In reply to Page File

the way xp is set up is to use pagefile instead of RAM but were it says min and max
for page file under performace make sure it
says 1000mb for min and max that might help
making always use that 1 GB. not much else you can do

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Page File

I'm curious why you would want the system to use the swap file rather than RAM.
The swap file is always going to be slower than physical RAM. To tweak systems for speed, the idea is to do the opposite of what you are requesting. You typically want the system to use the swap file (virtual memory) only when physical RAM is not available.

but don't take my word for it... here is a link to a TR White Paper that will give you tons of tips on how to maximize XP performance:
http://tinyurl.com/2gkkae .
check out pages 32 & 33.

but... I suppose... if you insist on prioritizing the swap file, you could just do the opposite of what the article suggests (or somewhat).

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RE: Curious

by donaliscool In reply to Curious

I want to force my background tasks to run on the pagefile, rather than running on the physical memory.The things I dont use much but keep running for various reasons... I kno its kinda strange yeah but sure!

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