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I been having problems with Microsoft vista and I am running an Excel program which I continue to have problems with.
I have two problems:>
1. when running a math formula I can get the program to run in some of the cells but not in others. Also the page brake seem locked in I can not get it out of the Spredsheet.

Can you help?

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re: Pagebreak

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Pagebrake

(1) What version of Excel and where is the 'math formula' located? Is it a macro?

(2) Page break can be set first, by defining the print area and second in Page Setup.

Without more information that what you've provided, that's the best we can do.

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Error type and Options

by Qus In reply to Pagebrake

1. If you mention what your formula is, somebody may know the answer of the problem. At least you should mention what kind of errors occured.
2. If you use Excel version 2003 or earler, open Options dialog box, Edit tab. Has "Allow cell drag and drop" checked?

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