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    There have been a few articles on how to manipulate a pagefile or swapfile. What file is the pagefile.sys equivalent in W2K and can you manipulate it like you can the pagefile.sys??

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      by dmiles ·

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      Changing the Pagefile Size on Windows 2000
      The Windows 2000 Pagefile is used for virtual memory operations by the Windows 2000 kernel.

      Windows 2000 pagefile sizes are set during installation, and normally don’t have to be changed. However, if you add memory to your system after initialization, you may need to increase the “initial pagefile size” on the primary boot drive. This is especially true if you’re trying to get a kernel memory dump to diagnose a problem.

      Follow this procedure to change the Pagefile size.

      Log in as a system administrator.
      Open the system control panel, and double-click “System”:

      After a short pause, you’ll see the the general system properties page. Select the “Advanced tab”:

      You’ll see the advanced properties page. Select “Performance Options”.

      You’ll see the Performance Options page. Select “Change…”

      You’ll see the “Virtual Memory” page. Select a drive, and change the initial size of the paging file. (If you are doing this because of a message from “How to Enable Kernel Memory Dumps on Windows 2000”, be sure to select the drive mentioned in the alert box, and also set the initial size according to the alert box.)

      Press OK, and exit from the System Properties pages.
      Restart your system.

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      by donmars ·

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      I presume you are refering to NT 4.0 use of the pagefile? They are fairly Identical in usage and called the same thing. You can manipulate the pagefile in W2K the same way as you do in NT 4.0. You may have also read somewhere that the minimums and maximums should be identical values in order to minimize pagefile fragmentation.

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      by csmith ·

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      dmiles has got it, but the big picture is missing.
      Any time you start paging, the system slows down, a lot.
      Memory is so cheap now a days, that paging should be avoided, if possible.
      Paging was invented by Burroughs Computer to get around the problem of the high cost of memory.
      Remember this was core memory, not DRAM.
      (Core memory was magnetic cores(Doughnuts) with read, write, and sense wires woven in by hand.
      Only advantage, they did not erase when the power was turned off. (No refresh cycle required.)
      Regards, Chris

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