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Pagemill 3 DOES work fine on a win7 64 bit pro computer!

By tgptc ·
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Not knowing (or caring much) how computers work, I've often tried ideas to make something work. With Pagemill 3, which I use for four web sites, I decided I better figger out loading it before my old XP machine bit the dust.
After trying a normal instal which gives the error message "Fergetaboutit," what I did was simply copy the program disk to my hard drive. Once you do that, open the files on the disk, and double click the .exe file.
The program runs perfectly.
This also worked for my Autocad R. 14 program.
These big programs are a ***** to learn for folks like me who use them as a tool and don't want to learn new ones (or spend the upgrade costs) so apparently this back door approach will keep them living for years. Be interesting to see if this works on win10 if i ever need to go there!

Oh, and plotters. When your old large format plotter dies and your old CAD program has no drivers for anything new, just make a box around each section of the plan that is whatever scale you want to print the sheet. Everything (I do at least) is full size, and plotted at the best scale that sheet fits in a box. I have "blocks" of boxes for all scales. So, insert the box around what you want to print, do Print Window, select a window (I have oints on two opposite corners of each box so it can print the full sheet exactly at the scale.

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