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Pager Blues

By Bruce_All_Mighty ·
It was brought to my attention by my help desk lead that the pager rotation is becoming to much to deal with. We've tried everything alternating schedules even offering pager pay in addtion to overtime. For the most part my techs are pretty happy with the exception of this one thing! What's the best way to deal with after hours pager support so both users and techs are happy?

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This is an excellent question

by stress junkie In reply to Pager Blues

Right off the bat I'll admit that I don't have "The Answer". One thing about system administrators, though, is that given the opportunity they will become very territorial. I wonder what they would say if you proposed hiring a second shift. I'm guessing that some or most of them would rather not have people that they don't know messing with the systems. Plus, adding a second shift would mean that nobody on the existing shift would have any chance of a raise in pay for two years.

So if you just ask the system admins if they would rather keep the pagers or if they would prefer to see you hire a second shift then they might vote to keep the pagers.

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No answer either.

by tbragsda In reply to This is an excellent ques ...

One place I worked with it was 1 week per qtr. It was sheer ****. Not jokeing when I say it was 100+ calls/day on some days. Just the sound of the dam thing would make me crazy. We all helped eachother out when we were on "pager duty", but... it was ****!!!

Just sympathy, no answers. Whats your staff levels? Whats the SLA? Talk about it more. Dont let this die too soon, as its very important to keeping a healthy and happy staff. Just cause we don't have the answer right this sec is not to say that we cant come up with a better solution. Everyone in this form has carried the pager burden, has it now, or doleing it out to others.

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Actually you did answer:

by dafe2 In reply to No answer either.

"Whats your staff levels? Whats the SLA?"

Our admins are paid pager pay....even though it's rotated. Also, they can charge a minimum of two hours for call ins and each hour thereafter.

The time is then billed to the business unit who 'summoned them'

It is also left to the Admins as to how or when to respond. Allthough a great deal of focus is certainly on customer service....the Admins quality of life is backed by management.

Users quickly realized as supervisors started seeing the 'bills' and asking questions, that many obscure and nebulous help desk tickets could all of a sudden wait till Moday morning.

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