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pages cannot be displayed....

By btrflywngs88 ·
I have been at this for about a week now....i have just received this computer from my father in law.....Dell; WIN98;.....and i have installed Verizon DSL about a week ago...i can go to the first page of a site, but no links or second pages come up after the first comes up w/ an error that says "Page cannot be displyed"

I have tried everything and am at my wits end

I am about to throw it out the window, although it is kind of

Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!

ps. If i have to restore my computer to factory settings, how would i do this ?

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by willcomp In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

What processor and how much memory do you have on that "fine" hand-me-down? What are virtual memory settings?

Assume browser is IE. If not so, let us know.

Try Mozilla Firefox and see what happens. Will have to download and burn to CD on another PC though given your current predicament.


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by zlitocook In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

Dell computers came with restore CDS these are what you would use to resore it to factory defaults. If you do not have them it is more complcated and you may need to take it to a repair shop. Page can not be displayed can be alot of things, your version of internet explorer my need to be updated go to, your dsl connection may be the problem call verizon help desk to see what they say. You could have spyware, virus or a trojan messing with your connection. If you have an antivirus software update it. Down load spybot search and distroy and ad aware and run those. Your best bet is to take it to a good computer shop and let them fix it, it will cost you but the computer will run alot better and faster.

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by ReWrite In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

Just to narrow things down, if you cannot click on a link and go to a page try manually typing in the address to the page and see if it will go there then. To find the page address move your mouse over the top of the link in the web page and the address to that link should appear in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. If you can go to the link by manually typing in the address but not by clicking on it as a link then we have a starting point for resoving your problem.

Chin up!


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by OTL In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

Check the security settings in IE, there is an option to restore to default level. Located under tools -> internet options.

Privacy settings may also be a problem (blocking all cookies).

Also because it is Windows, check the temporary internet folder for an excessive number of files. (one PC could not display first page due to excessive time trying to find a place for the temporary file, deleting the 4000+ temp files took 30 minutes).

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by mikex In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

Install Opera browser and forget about the problems

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by piratetoolz In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

The industry refers to this problem as No Surf. I've spent, unfortunately, a lot time troubleshooting DSL set ups. If you'd like, send me an email and I can help you a lot more that trying to get it all out here.


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by ohno In reply to pages cannot be displayed ...

your system resources are probably low. You need to do a thorough scan disk, and defrag. Disable your screen saver if using one. Also using the ctrl-alt-dele combination will tell you what is running in the background of your pc. Basically all that should be in there is, systray. explorer, your antivirus and your dsls' name. If you have alot if icons next to the clock, thats a problem right there. Also, go to start>run, type in cookies, stop it as soon as the first cookie pops up, click on the folder, all cookies should display, click on one of them, go up to edit>select all, then press the big x delete button on the upper bar. You should clear these out everyday. I don't want to overwhelm you, so try these, there are a few other things I can suggest. hope this helps

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