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Comments won't load on techrepublic pages (again.)
You click the "show comments" button and nothing happens. Analyzed the pages, I keep getting many errors, such as; Error: Using the meta element to specify the document-wide default language is obsolete.
Error: The element a must not appear as a descendant of the button element.
Error: Bad value for attribute src on element img: Must be non-empty.
Warning: Attribute with the local name xmlns:fb is not serializable as XML 1.0.... and many more.
Happens in firefox, chrome, iron, and vivaldi. Then again I suppose this page was written only to work properly in Internet Explorer 6 or below?
Fifty warnings and/or errors on the page, it's badly written with many dangerous cross-sites scripts (that apparently don't even work anymore.)
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Appreciate the detailed feedback,

I've notified our community leader, hopefully the
engineering can fix the issues. FWIW, this issue
also affects me, lol...and I use a different browser,
Palemoon/New Moon (depending on OS in use at
the time). Another oddity I've noticed is here in the
forums the number of posts in a particular discussion
is not being displayed in the little green "talk" icon.
Thank you for your participation, see ya on the forums!

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