PageSpeed Insights inconsistency

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I'm currently trying to speed optimize a site. I'm using Google PageSpeed Insights to measure the speed. I've been using GPSI on many other projects before. However with this particular project ( the score varies from 34 to 87 on mobile devices. I have run several back-to-back tests with no changes to the site and get completely different results every time.
When I run Lighthouse audits inside Google Chrome I get a 97 score for performance every time (give or take 1 point).
Below the score in Google PageSpeed Insights it says "The speed score is based on the lab data analyzed by Lighthouse" which to me means that the same technology is used in both tests.
How come the results can be so inconsistent in GPSI, while Lighthouse in Chrome gives me a rather high score every time?
How will Google crawlers measure the speed?
I would be really happy if anyone could help me understand.
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Server problem, maybe?

by nshep In reply to PageSpeed Insights incons ...

The inconsistency sounds like it could be a server problem. I would set up Pingdom or GTmetrix to monitor your response time over a while and see if that is an issue.

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Page speed

by deborasumopayroll In reply to PageSpeed Insights incons ...

Lighthouse from DevTools can be helpful for speed optimization. But it useless when our clients can't see it, because for them matters only PageSpeed Insights score, and unfortunately this score is very inconsistent.

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