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    Pain in the VLAN

    by ecniVgiB ·


    Hi all.

    I have been working on setting up a network to suit my family, iOT and work needs.
    With the replacement of some hardware and the purchase of a new VPN router I’ve come a long way.
    However, I seem to be able to configure port based VLAN for segmentation, but beyond that I struggle.
    I hope there is someone that can give me some insight in the deeper configuration layers.

    I have attached a picture of my current network and highlighted the problems.
    Any comment is welcome and I am happy to elaborate on how I have set it up in case someone is trying to do the same.

    Thanks a plenty! Vince

    Network Diagram

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      Network VLANS

      by abartkiewicz ·

      In reply to Pain in the VLAN

      I don’t see a diagram but VLANS logically separate your network into segments. This is usually done to protect network assets/resources, control access, or setup URL filters. There are two main port types for vlans. Access, these are ports that have one vlan configured on them. Your end users would connect to these ports. The other is Trunk ports, these ports carry multiple vlans on them and are used to connect switches together or a switch to a router.

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