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    Painfully slow booting


    by gavinjinks ·

    I recentley formatted and reloaded XP onto a desktop that was bogged down with all sorts of temp files and adware. Worked fine for a few weeks, but all of a sudden XP booting became painfully slow! On some occasions the XP loading screen will come and go, but the screen will stay blank for hours and not boot at all!!!

    Ive checked the HDD, checked XP was installed properly, checked the RAM, Grpahics and even throughly cleaned the machine inside and out just incase anything was over heating.

    Its been bugging me for a few weeks now, any more suggestions or has any one else experienced this problem?

    Cheers in advance.

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      by gavinjinks ·

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      Yes i have, and i have found out that my PSU was giving up..

      by Anonymous ·

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      Try another PSU (power supply unit), you do not need to take out the old one just yet. Take off the power plugs on the motherboard and replace them with the spare PSU plugs, connect all the cables to what ever you have on board such as hdd etc, now test it out. PS get a good power supply unit of at least 750 watt.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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