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    palm internet via cell phone


    by carlosamalfitano ·

    I have heard thar one can connect to the net with their PDA via cell phone and not pay for it? If this is true can someone please let me know ho to do so. I have a sony cle and an Ericsson t68i. It had to do with something about using your at home IP address and dialing the server. if any one has a clue that would be awsome.


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      palm internet via cell phone

      by guruofdos ·

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      You need the Ericsson data adaptor for the T68i. This plugs into a type 2 PCMCIA slot so if your PDA has one of these, it will work.

      As for sending and receiving free….no can do! The fact you are using a cellular phone means that the data has to be sent at 9600 as a data call, and unless you have a freefone number to access (and most cellular companies charge for Freefone calls, and data is ALWAYS charged for…they bill you per Mb!!!) then IP address has nothing whatsoever to do with it! I have used a cellular to access AOL via an 0800 number but have had to use my off-peak free minutes because on the majority of networks, calls to a freefone number from a cellular are NOT free…you still have to pay for the ‘cellular’ part of the call!!!. Luckily, I get 600 free minutes per month with my tarif (Vodafone Off-Peak 600+50 SMS…?12.99 per month!)

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