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Palm on Multiple Computers

By RogMJ007 ·
I Hotsync my Sony Clie SJ-22 Palm OS v.4.1 with my desktop computer Win 2K Pro. However, I primarily use my WinXP Pro laptop and I installed the s/w hoping to access the data on the desktop. I do not want to sync with my laptop (conflict of downloading mail on multiple computers). Therefore, how can I access, add, delete, modify the Palm Desktop information on my desktop computer from my laptop computer?

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by tamj123 In reply to Palm on Multiple Computer ...

let me get this correct, you want to share palm data information? if yes, follow these steps:

1. crated a network shared on desktop, such as "palm".
2. make sure in palm desktop software, your data directory is point to shared folder, do to that click on tools\option\data directory
3. sync everything and closed the application.
4. goto shared folder and rename USERNAME folder and users.dat to something else.

5. login to winxp and open palm desktop create a new user MUST BE SAME AS THE ONE ON DESKTOP,
6. map the shared folder
7. open tools, option and change the data directory to MAPPED SHAED FOLDER.
8. deleted any other user name.
9. close palm desktop.
10. CLICK on network mapped shared and DELETE the USERNAME FOLDER and users.data file
11. rename the user folder and users.dat changed in step 4 back to original.

now you should able to access palm desktop information from both computer.

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by RogMJ007 In reply to

Thank you very much for your comments. They worked like a charm! Excellent advise!

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by RogMJ007 In reply to Palm on Multiple Computer ...

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