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Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)

By Pat Estes ·
A VIP's Palm is making very strange things happen with his Contact list. He uses Schedule + to keep contacts and syncs with Hotsynch and Active Synch.

First, his list had all contacts, but everyone's name was listed with the first name duplicated : Amy, Amy; or Bill, Bill.

I checked Hotsynch and his map of field names shows Schedule + last name going to Last Name* (I do not know what the asteric in the last name means)

I hard rebooted the palm to clear memory. I resynched and this time the correct contacts were entered, along with the bogus Amy, Amy's. Schedule + does not have the bogus contacts, though it wants to synch with the Palm to duplicate them. I have canceled each time the Palm wants to send its contacts to the Schedule+.

What is going on, and what can I do? email for more info.


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Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)

by avidetto In reply to Palm Pilot Problem (Conta ...

Palm, Makes a good paper weight but it's **** to support! Ok, Clean out the Device (Don't Sync!) Empty that entire thing..then, clean out his system, remote active Sync from his sytsem. Get the most current version of Active Syn. (think it was 3) and re-install it. Then, there is a option to backup (same with a nino) I would create a backup. As for the data bleed, does this user have a sytem that has multiple profiles? On Nt (really bad about this) windows tries to setup the Outlook using the same PST file for each user. This could be one expl. for this, another could be a virus, I would also check the superdat (or whatever virus prot. your using) and scan system from a boot floppy. Very important though that you clean out the pilot complete, then recreate the palm/Computer profile otherwise you will continue to recreate the false data. Good Luck- Al

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Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)

by Pat Estes In reply to Palm Pilot Problem (Conta ...

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