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    Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)


    by pat estes ·

    A VIP’s Palm is making very strange things happen with his Contact list. He uses Schedule + to keep contacts and syncs with Hotsynch and Active Synch.

    First, his list had all contacts, but everyone’s name was listed with the first name duplicated : Amy, Amy; or Bill, Bill.

    I checked Hotsynch and his map of field names shows Schedule + last name going to Last Name* (I do not know what the asteric in the last name means)

    I hard rebooted the palm to clear memory. I resynched and this time the correct contacts were entered, along with the bogus Amy, Amy’s. Schedule + does not have the bogus contacts, though it wants to synch with the Palm to duplicate them. I have canceled each time the Palm wants to send its contacts to the Schedule+.

    What is going on, and what can I do? email for more info.


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      Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)

      by joshg ·

      In reply to Palm Pilot Problem (Contact List)

      Try going to Outlook, we have had no problem synch’ing contacts and schedule with Outlook.

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